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Biking to beat the cost of gas
Posted on 03/05/2012
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We all know gasoline prices are going through the roof. We also know there are ways to curb this expense and help keep some of that money in our wallets. Here at Burley, we're in favor of biking to beat the cost of gas. Several of our employees commute to work by bicycle, so we asked a few of them to give us some "real-world" stats on how much they save.

Jove Lachman-Curl, a mechanical designer here at Burley gave us this breakdown - "By riding my bike, I save about $2 on gas per day. Plus I get $3.00 from Burley as a non-driving incentive. So thatís $25 per week and $1250 per year if I ride every day."

An equation from Dave Walko, who bikes nearly every day to the office -

Steve, pictured, rides about 3 days/week, saving about $20-25 a week in gas.

So, depending on your commute, the savings can add up quickly. How are you beating prices at the pump?

Burley Grocery Days

We bought a used Burley trailer when gas prices spiked a couple of years ago. We are continuing to get our groceries using it on the back of our tandem, sometimes 7 miles, sometimes only 3. Have also used it to haul two rosebushes and soil as well as library books and Goodwill donations much to the disappointment of those who stop us in parking lots to see our "kids" in the back! It's not the money saved for us as much as doing something to feel independent and "green".

Shirley and Rich DiLorenzo -- Wed, Apr 11 2012 9:43 am
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