Safety is Burley's first priority

For us, safety isn't an afterthought, it's our first thought. Unlike many other child trailers on the†market†today,†ours are tested in-house during the earliest design phases to ensure that safety and reliability are built in from the beginning. We've developed testing protocols that are the toughest out there. We think your children are worth it.

The Burley Standard


At Burley we don't just meet the minimum. We have pushed our safety and durability testing to the limit. Up to 5x the ASTM standard. That's why you see Burley trailers on the road after decades of use.

ASTM International - Safety Standards
Every Burley child trailer also receives external testing to ensure the safe travel of your most precious cargo. All Burley child trailers meet or exceed the ASTM F1975-09 standards (for U.S. and international) for bicycle child trailers. In fact, Burley was one of the first to advocate for these minimum safety standards for our industry. Today, we work continuously to improve and exceed them.

ASTM standards for bicycle child trailers address such safety criteria as frame strength, impact, structural integrity in rollover, tip-over resistance, coupling security and system fatigue tests. The standards also specify acceptable colors, reflector placement, and the use of safety flags for increased visibility.

Safety is Burley's first priority: In addition to safety testing, we also take care with materials used to make our trailers and have manufacturing policies that benefit our employees, our vendors, our customers and our environment.

The Burley Safety Standard (PDF)


"...he flipped it back over and opened the flap to find our son completely unharmed!!..."
"We recently purchased one of your trailers for our 2-year-old. My husband had a bike wreck yesterday and the trailer flipped on its side with my son inside. When my husband jumped off the ground to check our son, he flipped it back over and opened the flap to find our son completely unharmed!! I'm so thankful we chose to buy one of these instead of a bike seat!! Thanks for making such a great product!! You saved us a trip to the ER for sure! " Laura 

"...I bought this trailer 24 years ago..."
"I bought this Burley trailer about 24 years ago for my daughter, Emily when she was about eight months old. I used it for nine years and countless miles with all three of my children. Many of them off road. When my youngest was too big I gave it to a friend who had just had his first child. He also used it with all three of his children for another ten years. When he was finished, he asked if I wanted it back. It was a bit dirty and frayed but I couldn't pass it up.After about a year I came up with an idea. I pulled off all the fabric and constructed a Mobile Keg-orator! Now, my friends and I are never parched on those long bike rides.I Love Burley Bike Trailers. They are built to last. " Chris

"...we were pushed across the street for 30 feet..."
"I just wanted to thank you for making such great products and bar none, the safest trailers in the world. My son and I were rear-ended by a vehicle this week and he flipped in the trailer (a "Bee") and we were pushed across the street for 30 feet. Although he was scared out of his mind, I pulled him out with nothing but a small scratch on his knee. I took pictures just to prove how well the trailer held up and though the wheels are bent and parts of the lower frame cracked, the roll bars around his head saved his life! I'm hoping to replace the trailer soon and be back on the road again. Until then, thank you for your focus on safety and long live Burley!" Joey 

" glad we bought a Burley..."
"I'm so glad we bought a Burley, It was a little more expensive, but it protected my son when we had an accident." Sharon

"...there wasn't even a bruise..."
"I was biking with my son towed behind in the Burley. A truck came to a stop to allow me to cross, also stopping the car behind him. He waved me on to go. I hesitated because I couldn't see beyond the wall of vehicles. Unfortunately, when I went, a red Ford Focus hit the bike trailer. I was flooded with terror as I turned the trailer back over, and even more fear overcame me as I lifted the enclosure flap to see my son. To my greatest joy, Tolle had only one drop on blood on his face from biting his lip and was snug beneath his buckling. Other than that there wasn't even as much as a bruise. He was fine. Thank you, Burley." Ashley

" proud of my purchase all those years ago..."
"I wanted to let Burley know that I bought a trailer almost 13 years ago when my oldest son was 2. I pulled him and then his sister (3years later) and then another sister (another 3 years later). We have spent most of these years commuting by bike. Once all three children were on two wheels I began hauling something else. Groceries, camping gear, picnic supplies.... You name it and my burley has likely hauled it. It's been forgotten, left to the elements, through the mud, the creek, and hundreds of miles on southern US hot summer asphalt. Today I filled the tires with air to go to the grocery store and was so proud of my purchase all those years ago. It may be faded and a bit beat up but all parts are string and intact! Amazing. Thanks Burley!" Allison 

Safety Tests for Child Trailers

Drum Test simulates the trailer going over a bump 10,000 times to make sure the axel and frame will remain strong. Also known as Axle and Frame System Fatigue Test. (ASTM F 1975-09 5.4)
Drop Test puts the child restraint system to the ultimate test by dropping the trailer on its nose from 3.9 ft (1.2 m). Also known as Restraint System Test. (ASTM F 1975-09 5.1.1)
Crush Test simulates a worst-case scenario for the structural integrity of the trailer frame by crushing the frame at an angle on the highest point of the frame. Also known as Structural Integrity in Rollover Test (ASTM F 1975-09 5.1.2)
Push-Pull Test simulates a stop and go motion of the hitch connection for over 100,000 cycles to make sure the hitch and frame will last. Coupling Security Test. (ASTM F 1975-09 5.3
Tip over Resistance Test verifies that the trailer's center of gravity is low enough to reduce the chance of the trailer tipping over during hard cornering or when one wheel encounters a large obstacle. (ASTM F 1975-09 5.2)
All Burley products are initially and periodically tested conforming to maximum allowable levels of banned substances under CPSC, ASTM and EN hazardous substance limitations requirements. These substances include lead, PAHs, and phthalates. Read more in our Corporate Responsibility Policies.
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