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Posted on 06/21/2011
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"The Burley Travoy is an excellent city bike trailer. But what happens when you take an urban-designed trailer for a tour on a full-suspension mountain bike in a faraway country?" Read the Gear Junkie's review.   

"This year, I did just that, packing the Travoy along for a two-month bike tour of New Zealand’s South Island. I explored the country via Highway 6 and, since I was using my mountain bike, I even got to test the setup off-road, including on a trail from Queenstown to the gorgeous town of Te Anau."

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Posted on 08/19/2011
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From Cycling-review.com  "For those who’re going to use the trailer for ‘hauling freight’, the tie-down buttons work well to secure the load.  Where I live that load would be chainsaws and pickup truck bumpers.  In Portland, the load consists of narrow solar panels and boxes full of filleted wild salmon (with a spritz of lemon)."



Posted on 12/02/2010
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Wonderful feedback from a fan of our new Travoy; our urban trailer system. Thank you, Kent, for singing our praises!

Posted on 11/12/2012
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The Burley Travoy trailer allows you to tow, pull or carry your belongings. Go from the street, to the store, to the office with a twist of the wrist!
Posted on 06/01/2011
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A TRAK performance folding kayak, a Burley Travoy bike trailer, and a Dahon Folding Bike....WOW! What a combo.


For more info on each item, visit www.dahon.com and www.rethinkkayak.com


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