Tips and Tricks

1. How to make sure the trailer wheel quick release levers are tight
The quick release lever should leave an imprint on your palm when closing the quick release towards the rear of the trailer. If the quick release is too easy to push closed, remove the wheel from the trailer axle and tighten down the quick release nut. This will create a more snug fit for the quick release wedges and hold the wheel in place.
2. How to properly clean trailer fabric
Washing your Burley trailer by hand is the most effective way to get the fabric clean. Using a mild soap and water is best for the fabric. Make sure the trailer is fully dry before it is stored away for its next use. Do not use bleach products on the fabric. If stains persist, a product like Simple Green is recommended as it will not harm the fabric, but kill any mold and mildew.
3. Opening the trailer for the first time
Burley has always stood above other brands with our established quality and safety standards. One of our most important features is the drum-tight fabric on every child trailer. This ensures your children's safety, by stopping any fingers or limbs from being able to come in contact with the moving wheels and spokes of your trailer. To ensure drum-tight fabric on every trailer, we work with limited tolerances that can make the first opening of your trailer to be a little difficult. Leaving your trailer open for the first week (5-7 days) after it has been opened for the first time will allow the fabric to stretch into place and make future opening and closing of the trailer much easier. An easy way to get your Burley open for the first time is to use something as a lever. The flag pole works well as a lever in between the front and rear frame to make opening your Burley a little bit easier.
4. The trailer cover snaps are hard to open and close
Applies to older Burley 2-1 cover models that are attached with snaps. If snaps are sticky or hard to open and close, rubbing a dry bar of soap over the snaps will help lubricate the snaps.
5. Additional seating support for younger children
While children are still too young to support their own heads and bodies, we recommend using the Burley Baby Snuggler when using your Burley as a stroller or jogger. The Baby Snuggler is designed to give younger babies additional support and comfort in their Burley. The Snuggler can also be used when your Burley is in biking mode, however all children being towed in bike mode should be at least 1 year old or able to firmly support their own heads for safety reasons.
6. Stroller wheel tracking, adjustments
For best results when adjusting the trailer tracking, make adjustments while trailer is loaded. With the stroller kit in the "stroll" position, loosen the bolt using a 5mm hex wrench. Using a 25mm wrench, turn the bushing so that the stroller wheel is vertical when viewed from the front. Tighten back up the bolt. You can fine tune as necessary so that the trailer rolls straight.
7. Closing the deck on your Travoy
The Travoy can fold up to briefcase size with just a twist of your wrist. After twisting the grips to fold your Travoy, simply pull the cable that runs underneath to fold the deck.
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