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Athletic Sponsorship Application

Thank you for your interest in Burley Design. Please fill out the form below for personal, team, amateur, and professional athletic sponsorship requests. Burley will review applications on a monthly schedule. We will review each submission according to our sponsorship criteria which takes a number of factors into account. We are looking to strengthen and support our bike, outdoor, and child communities when awarding sponsorships. You will hear from Burley with either a decision or a request for more information.

Sponsorship Requirements:

-Minimum of 5000 Social Media followers.

-Sponsorship must be related to Burley’s mission of building the next generation of riders, adventurers, & explorers and sharing a passion for adventure in the biking community.

-Burley logo included on sponsors printed and digital materials. (Link on digital to Burley website)

-Provide photos and or videos regularly on the Burley Facebook, Instagram, or other approved social media.

-Sponsored product must be posted and displayed with a mention of Burley on social media.


Athletic Sponsorship Application

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