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Training for Trans-Continental Adventure

Since last checking in Jake Wilcox has been training and gearing up for his transcontinental Australia trip from North to South on an Eliptigo with a Nomad in tow. This isn’t something you can just jump into and Jake has been training for years with all of his epic adventures. He likes to keep things […]

“Switzerland” of America

Bryan Sheffield’s photos and notes on family outings Jim Thorpe is a gorgeous little Pennsylvania town with a ton of cool history. The cute town, dubbed the “Switzerland of America”, is planted upon the winding Lehigh River within the Pocono Mountains. Cool architecture, gorgeous scenery, quaint ice cream shoppes, white water rafting, or ghost tours […]

“Rode Trip” Oregon’s Bikeways

field of yellow flowers with cyclist in background

The Long Haul Trekkers are back from their epic journey through South America and have already started their next adventure, and this time it’s right in their own backyard. The “Rode Trip” is an adventure throughout the scenic bikeways of Oregon. Check out their interview below! IT’S ONLY JUST BEGUN Follow the rest of the “Rode Trip” […]

What’s Your Story: A Ride for Hope, Health, & Rediscovery

Some stories are truly inspirational to get outside and pursue your passions. Bruce Seeling is a determined man with a inspiring desire to continue pursuing life’s adventures no matter what it throws in his path. He encourages people to live healthy and boy oh boy is he showing us how to get it done despite […]

Bike Touring with Riggins: A Burley & Ruffwear Story

Earlier this year we teamed up with Allison Miles, a Ruffwear employee, who’s been enjoying all sorts of new bikepacking adventures with her pup Riggins. Travel with Allison as she rides into the unknown of the Oregon Scenic Byway in Eastern Oregon. Original content from Ruffwear May 2, 2016. Story and Photos by Allison Miles, […]