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Build a Legacy

Our legacy is to build the next generation of riders, adventurers and explorers because where we lead them is where their journey begins. Along the way, we learn to read the road, and we find that every turn has a story. We discover that hills build more than muscle, they build character, and the deeper we dig, the higher we can climb. We realize that every journey we take, takes us, and what we pick up along the way defines who we are. We understand that the experiences we gain and the passions we share become our legacy, so we lead by example. We raise our flag and strive to live better lives. We learn from the past we and proudly protect the future. On every road, we seek adventure and down every trail we find our place in the world. Outside there are no walls and no limits, so we learn to reach further than we ever thought possible. From day to day and generation to generation, the journey never ends and the memories remain as the story unfolds.

Always original. Always present. Always Burley.


What’s your legacy? Maybe it’s sharing something you’re passionate about with your children. Maybe it’s pursuing a personal challenge, or advocating for a cause you believe in. It could even be something as simple as biking more and driving less.

Whatever it is, we want to hear your story. Tell us about your adventures, your passions, your projects, and your Burley memories. Post on our Facebook page,  tag us on Instagram (be sure to use the hashtag #BurleyBuildALegacy), or submit your story and photos here. We’ll feature our favorites on the Burley blog!


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