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“Switzerland” of America

Bryan Sheffield’s photos and notes on family outings Jim Thorpe is a gorgeous little Pennsylvania town with a ton of cool history. The cute town, dubbed the “Switzerland of America”, is planted upon the winding Lehigh River within the Pocono Mountains. Cool architecture, gorgeous scenery, quaint ice cream shoppes, white water rafting, or ghost tours […]

“Rode Trip” Oregon’s Bikeways

The Long Haul Trekkers are back from their epic journey through South America and have already started their next adventure, and this time it’s right in their own backyard. The “Rode Trip” is an adventure throughout the scenic bikeways of Oregon. Check out their interview below! IT’S ONLY JUST BEGUN Follow the rest of the “Rode Trip” […]

Bone Appétit – Cycle Touring – Food & Gear

Written by Ryan Wimer, Burley Marketing Team Cycle touring through South America is a task that comes with its own set of challenges. The best way to deal with those challenges is to come prepared. The Long Haul Trekkers, Dave, Jen and their dog Sora, learned from their past experience while touring through Europe. They found […]

Moving to Philadelphia

Written by Ryan Wimer, Burley Marketing Team Meet Bryan Sheffield, a photographer by profession, and outdoor enthusiast at heart. “I call myself a portrait photographer,” says Bryan, “I shoot a lot of people for magazines. Photos of actors and musicians. I’ve done advertising photos for outdoor brands, and others like Starbucks, Target and Converse.” He […]