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Sora the Explorer

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“A lot of the other travelers we meet, backpackers, or other foreigners, they have pets at home too and they miss them, so there’s an emotional attachment when they meet Sora. They get a chance to pet her, give her some treats, and watch her do her tricks. It really benefits everyone. I think from… Read more >

Moving to Philadelphia

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Meet Bryan Sheffield, a photographer by profession, and outdoor enthusiast at heart. “I call myself a portrait photographer,” says Bryan, “I shoot a lot of people for magazines. Photos of actors and musicians. I’ve done advertising photos for outdoor brands, and others like Starbucks, Target and Converse.” He has started taking more photos of nature,… Read more >

What’s Next?

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Jake Wilcox is a hardcore adventurer who jumps in with both feet whole hearted. It’s something he’s dubbed Venture 500, a worldwide quest to complete 50 expeditions, each 500+ miles, unmotorized or by humankindness. These aren’t just walks through daisy-filled fields with sunny skies and sugar plum drops. In the end, these adventures will add… Read more >

What’s Your Story?: A Ride for Hope, Health, & Rediscovery

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Some stories are truly inspirational to get outside and pursue your passions. Bruce Seeling is a determined man with a inspiring desire to continue pursuing life’s adventures no matter what it throws in his path. He encourages people to live healthy and boy oh boy is he showing us how to get it done despite… Read more >

What’s Your Story?: HORSE:1 vs. BURLEY:1-MILLION

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Ever have that extreme feeling of appreciation when a piece of gear or tool does exactly what it should after years of use?! When it comes to our child trailers, build quality and safety are our top priorities. We recently heard from Laura Gifford who had an experience few will forget. We thank her for… Read more >

What’s Your Story?: A Letter from Noma the Nomad

Post on | Blog, What's Your Story?

Every once we in a while we hear from some of our champion Burley enthusiasts. “Noma” the Nomad, aka Curt & Cathy Bradner, reached out with their story of travels around the world. Including those with their early-90’s Burley cargo trailer named “Burly”. Their adventures continue, but the memories of where Burley trailers have taken… Read more >

Burley Supplies Dental Kits to Children in Lane County, OR

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As you may or may not know February is National Children’s Dental Health Month. Right now, Oregon has one of the country’s highest rates of childhood dental disease with 52% of children between 6-9 years of age experiencing tooth decay. These challenges can keep children out of school and create costly financial strains on families… Read more >

burley wins gear institute best in class 2016 award
Burley Sweeps 2016 Gear Institute “Best In Class” Awards

Post on | Awards

Gear Institute, one of the most trusted sources for unbiased outdoor gear reviews has awarded top honors to the Burley Solo and Solstice in their respective classes, sweeping the Gear Institute “Best in Class” Awards. The Solstice, recognized for its “huge underseat basket” and “one-handed folding, ” won the award for Best Running Stroller. This… Read more >

What’s Your Story?: David P. C&O Canal Trail

Post on | Blog, What's Your Story?

We love hearing from parents on their incredible adventures with the kids in tow or at their side. David has been a long time Burley supporter that has continued to explore with his children on Trailercycles now that they’ve graduated from their Bee trailer. Check out his story and feel free to share yours. Thanks… Read more >

Falling Sky – Bringing Communities Together

Post on | Blog, Build A Legacy

Here at Burley we’ve recently been talking a lot about community; it is actually a frequent topic here at HQ because when we boil it all down, the communities – those that we build and those we are invited into – are what keep us inspired, what keep our mission relevant. When we talk about… Read more >

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