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Disciples of Dirt – 12th Annual All Comers Meet

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On Sunday, January 17th, Eugene’s local IMBA chapter and trail stewards Disciples of Dirt (DoD) hosted the 12th Annual All Comers Meet (ACM) at the Carpenter’s Bypass Trail System (affectionately known as Whypass) in Lorane, OR.  In the face of cold and rain and a bit of early morning hesitation, two newer members of the… Read more >

2015 Eugene Disaster Relief Trials

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Bike enthusiasts from around Eugene and Springfield, OR gathered recently for the 2015 Disaster Relief Trials. This annual event demonstrates the amazing capabilities of bicycles in disaster response situations through a series of races and challenges. It also doubles as a fundraiser for Eugene-Springfield’s Safe Routes to School Bicycle Education Program, which is a cause we’re always… Read more >

Build A Legacy: Long Haul Trekkers

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In May 2015, Dave Hoch and Jen Sotolongo, along with their Australian Shepherd, Sora, left their home in Portland, Oregon to embark on the adventure of a lifetime – cycle touring around the world. Stuck in unsatisfying jobs over the course of many years, Dave and Jen decided to make travel their priority. Both longtime… Read more >

Build A Legacy: Mountain Mom and Tots

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My legacy will not be achieving world peace or finding a cure for cancer. It won’t be climbing Everest, solving worldwide poverty or anything else you might find on The Game of Life board game tiles. It’s a much smaller, simpler goal. I want my kids to love the outdoors. That’s it. I’m Susan Strayer,… Read more >

Burley Child Trailer Recall

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Burley Design, in conjunction with the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada, is conducting a voluntary recall of several of our child bicycle trailer models due to the potential for the trailer to separate from the towing bicycle if the tow bar retaining pin is not installed through the tow bar and… Read more >

What are the odds? Tree falls on trailer

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Of all the potential hazards one could encounter while out riding your bike, having a tree fall on you is not high on the list in terms of probability. But that’s exactly what happened to Burley customer Stephen McBrien-Brooks and his son while riding in Vietnam. Here is the story in his own words: My wife purchased… Read more >

Overnight camping and fishing on the Deschutes River with cargo trailers

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Deschutes River Canyon – OR One of the great uses for Burley cargo trailers is going camping and fishing on your bike. We recently took a trip up the Deschutes River in Oregon to do just that. The Deschutes has a handy feature that makes it especially convenient for biking. In 1909 construction on two separate railroads… Read more >

Burley Flatbed Awarded OutdoorGearLab.com Top Pick

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We’re excited to share that the Burley Flatbed cargo trailer has been awarded the 2015 Top Pick from OutdoorGearLab.com! Reviewers compared six best-selling cargo trailers side-by-side in the areas of versatility, maximum capacity, ease of use, and smoothness of ride. “OutdoorGearLab review testers gave the Burley Design Flatbed our Top Pick award for its unique open… Read more >

Scott Holland
Build A Legacy: Scott Holland, Amateur Cyclist/Super Dad

Post on | Build A Legacy, Racing, Training

  Scott Holland loves riding bikes. He started out biking to school as a kid, and quickly became hooked on the two-wheeled lifestyle. In college he worked as a bike courier and raced with the Northeastern University cycling team. Today, Scott is a busy engineer and proud father, but he still trains like a mad… Read more >

Build A Legacy: Mason McCord, Amateur Adventurer

Post on | Build A Legacy, Touring

In 2009, Mason McCord was 19 years old, weighed 300 pounds, and didn’t know what to do with his life. So he decided to make a change. He wrote down a list of goals. Experiences, adventures, personal challenges…the list was ambitious to say the least. For most of us, writing down goals is about as… Read more >

Build A Legacy: Arleigh Jenkins, “Bike Shop Girl”

Post on | Build A Legacy

Arleigh Jenkins’ passion for bikes started at a young age. When she was 15 years old, she started working in a shop, helping the mechanics assemble bikes. She was eager to learn, and eventually became a pro mechanic. She didn’t stop there. Arleigh went on to manage operations for multi-location shops, and also worked as… Read more >

What’s Your Legacy?

Post on | Build A Legacy

Everyone has a legacy. It’s something we build over time, something we can look back on and be proud of, something that endures. It’s about learning from the past, living in the present and building for the future. At Burley, our legacy is to build the next generation of riders, adventurers and explorers. Since 1978,… Read more >

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