Burley Ambassadors

Burley’s ambassadors are far and wide. From our moms and dads who plan their weekly adventures to the lifelong touring folks who spend more time on the saddle than a cowboy. Follow our ambassadors and keep up with posts about their adventures on our blog.

The Bikings Project

The Bikings Project is a group of guys from different walks of life coming together to inspire and introduce people to the world of bicycle touring. They’ve already toured 1,200 km in the Northern Territory of Australia, explored Cuba by bike, and now plan on circumnavigating 16,000km around Australia as a team. The simple goal is to generate fun, genuine, and exciting content to get people off the couch and interested in cycle touring as a way to explore the great outdoors.

Nathan Collier & Adventure Nolan

An adventurous father son duo who train non-stop. Nathan is a professional racer for the Honey Stinger Bontrager Mountain Bike Team and he’s got to train regularly for peak performance. As a parent and a professional rider, Nathan’s Burley allows for road or mountain bike training day to be any day.

Nolan started his rides with dad at the 1 year old and in 2018 at 3 years old rode over 1,700 miles together. In 2019 they plan to ride over 2,000 miles together. Follow #AdventureNolan & Nathan on all of their trips to see where the duo rode this week.

Dogs & Diapers

The Bynum-Wheeler Family is growing and their adventures are only getting started. They first met in the Idaho Teton Valley in the Winter of 2015 when Allie decided to move West with her two dogs. Collin had a room available, but dogs weren’t allowed. They stayed in touch on social media, years later reunited, and fell for each other discovering their shared love of hiking, biking, skiing, camping, and exploring the great outdoors. Taco and Dobby, the fur-balls, were the center of attention, but now Little Olin is the star of the show and the fun keeps on coming. Follow their fun trips as they hope to inspire all families and adventurers.

Barefoot in the Burley

Becky, Bryon, & April

Now this is a family that’s all about bicycling. They are advocates within their own community encouraging others to get outside and explore with their youngsters. Volunteering for trail maintenance and bike race events is a part of their regular schedule. They’ve even raced quite a few times with little April in tow! Deep snow, sand, or gravel may seem like a hurdle to some, but to this family it’s just another adventure. Follow their daily cycling life and their amazing bikepacking adventures.

The Coffee Ride – Joshua Crane

Coffee & Bikes: Two things that meld together so well. Joshua, a Boulder Colorado coffee roaster, founded The Coffee Ride from the love for both riding and making the perfect cup of coffee. Through winter sleet, spring rain, and summer heat Joshua delivers all of his coffee by bike and has for years. Check out his awesome specialty roasts and sustainable delivery by bike.

Ross Exler – African Great Lakes Expedition

Ross is an adventurer through and through. He’s navigated a small boat thousands of kilometers solo through the Amazon, taught himself how to ride a motor bike in Dar es Salaam and then rode it solo more than 10,000 kilometers in eastern and southern Africa, ascended mountains of over 6,000 meters, and survived innumerable challenges from Brazilian pirates to corrupt Zimbabwean cops. Now he’s headed to the Africa on the ultimate biking and paddling expedition where he plans to do the first unsupported, human powered, solo crossing of the three largest African Great Lakes.