Don’t let your adventures be limited to the pavement. The 16+ Wheel Kit improves handling over snow, sand and gravel.


The water-resistant Light Kit features a clip mount to install on your Burley trailer’s light loop or bracket.


An everyday messenger style bag with modern features that keeps necessities well-organized and within reach.


A convertible backpack ready to transport gear as a personal carry item or as a bike cargo bag with ease and organization.


A smaller bag for transitioning from a shopping to a cycling experience.


A large bag for transitioning from a shopping to a cycling experience.


Rain resistant cover for the Travoy pulls over and around your cargo, securing on the trailer frame.


Burley’s Quick Hitch allows for tool free installation to connect the Travoy to the bicycle seat post. Attaches and detaches for easy transitions with bikeshares.


Classic roll-top design and heat-sealed seams make this spacious 75 liter dry bag waterproof.


Two roll-top, waterproof panniers keep gear dry and organized. Compatible with 10mm rack bars.


The Coho Pannier Rack allows for the attachment of panniers to the fender of the Coho XC.


The Coho 16+ Wheel Kit sports a 16 x 3” knobby tire, offering superior handling on unpaved surfaces including gravel, sand and snow.


Elastic net with adjustable hooks designed to fit Burley frame tubes.


The Nomad Cargo Rack makes carrying bulkier items with your Nomad easier than ever before. Easy to install, and adding more space to haul everything you need on your long journeys, the Cargo Rack is a must have for any Nomad owner. Nomad Cargo Rack for 2004-Present Nomad.


With these clips you can set up your own bag to attach securely to the Travoy. Set of (4)


A spare hitch. Install on each of your bicycles for quick transitions.