20" wheel with axle and brake hub.


Brake assembly for specific double trailers. List below.


Replacement cover for the Encore.


Yellow D-Ring pull tab to secure cover.


Replacement rubber dust cap for push button wheels with amber reflectors.


Front frame assembly for the 2019-Current Encore & Encore X.


Tenacious Tape Repair Patches. Includes two 3" clear patches and two 3" black nylon patches.


Tenacious Tape Repair Tape. Includes one strip of 3"x20" black nylon repair tape.


Tenacious Tape Repair Tape. Includes one strip of 3"x20" clear vinyl repair tape.


Handlebar clamp kit for double child trailers with handlebars.


Handlebar for the 2019 Honey Bee, Encore, & Encore X.


Jogging tether for all child trailers with a handlebar (2014-Current).


Lower Frame Kit for 2016-2020 Encore.


Replacement push button axle for wheel.


Seat pad kit for Encore & Encore X.


Replacement seat for the 2019 Encore.

Out of stock

Shoulder strap kit.


Tow bar assembly for double child trailers.


Wheel guard for the left hand side receiver.


Wheel guard for the right hand side receiver.