Burley Ambassadeurs

Burley Est Ambassadeurs sont loin et larges. De nos mamans et papas qui planifient leurs aventures hebdomadaires aux gens de tournée de toute une vie qui passent plus de temps sur la selle qu'un cow-boy. Suivez notre Ambassadeurs et suivre les messages sur leurs aventures sur notre blog.


Linden, Jake & Mabel

After 3 years of saving they decided it was time to quit their jobs and hit the road with a mission to travel the West coast of the Americas. Along the way they hope to find their passion for life with their pup, Mabel, in tow. The adventure started in July 2019 when they pedaled out of Prudhoe Bay, Alaska with a final destination of Ushuaia, Argentina following the Pan-American Highway, the world’s longest “motorable road”. The goal of their trip is to enjoy the adventure and meet as many folks along the way to share their passion for living life to the fullest. Follow their adventure and blog for great tips and stories from their incredible bikepacking tour.

3BoonDogglers Website

The Jonesys

Justin, Lauren, & Baby Morgan

Justin has become known for his epic adventures with his mate Cas in the full length documentaries: Crossing the Ice and Crossing the Ditch. As a family with his wife and child, the Jonesys, are trekking from the center of Australia to the southern coast fully self supported with a Cub for little Morgan. Lauren has been on many “micro” adventures, but now she’s headed to the outback with her baby in tow! This sure will be a family adventure to remember! Check out the bio on their page and be sure follow their adventure!

The Jonesys

Crossing the Ice

Crossing the Ditch

Pieds nus dans le Burley

Becky, Bryon, & April

Maintenant, c'est une famille qui est tout au sujet du vélo. Ils sont des défenseurs au sein de leur propre communauté qui encouragent les autres à sortir et à Découvrir avec leurs jeunes. Le bénévolat pour l'entretien des sentiers et les courses de vélos fait partie de leur horaire régulier. Ils ont même couru pas mal de fois avec le petit Avril à la remorque! La neige profonde, le sable ou le gravier peuvent sembler un obstacle pour certains, mais pour cette famille, c'est juste une autre aventure. Suivez leur vie quotidienne à vélo et leurs incroyables aventures de bikepacking.

Nathan collier & Adventure Nolan

Un duo de père aventureux qui s'entraînent sans arrêt. Nathan est un coureur professionnel pour le honey Stinger Bontrager Mountain Bike Team et il doit s'entraîner régulièrement pour le pic Haut de gamme . En tant que parent et cavalier professionnel, Nathan's Burley permet une journée d'entraînement en vélo de route ou en vtt n'importe quel jour.

Nolan a commencé ses promenades avec papa à l’âge de 1 an et en 2018 à 3 ans a roulé plus de 1 700 miles ensemble. En 2019, ils prévoient de rouler plus de 2 000 milles ensemble. Suivez #AdventureNolan & Nathan sur tous leurs voyages pour voir où le duo a roulé cette semaine.

Long Haul Trekkers

Jen and Dave have bike toured through Europe and South America with their adventure pup, Sora. Now back in Portland, Oregon they’re riding regularly and fantasizing about their next trip. They hope to inspire others to pursue what makes them happy in life whether that be weekend tours or quitting your job to travel the world. They are also huge dog advocates who regularly fund raise to support shelters and healthy relationships for all the pups around the world.

Long Haul Trekkers

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Licking Her Wounds

Chiens et couches

Parents, Travelers, & All-Around Fun Seekers!

La famille Bynum-Wheeler grandit et ses aventures ne font que commencer. Ils se sont rencontrés pour la première fois dans la vallée de l'Idaho Teton à l'hiver 2015 quand Allie a décidé de se déplacer vers l'Ouest avec ses deux chiens. Collin avait une chambre disponible, mais les chiens n'étaient pas autorisés. Ils sont restés en contact sur Réseaux sociaux les médias, des années plus tard réunis, et sont tombés les uns pour les autres découvrir leur amour commun de la randonnée, le vélo, le ski, le camping, et d'explorer les grands espaces. Taco et Dobby, les boules de fourrure, ont été le centre de l'attention, mais maintenant Little Olin est la star du spectacle et le plaisir continue à venir. Suivez leurs voyages amusants comme ils espèrent inspirer toutes les familles et les aventuriers.

Chiens et couches

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SUP with PUP

Maria Shultz-ACA SUP Instructor, Author, Dog Lover

Maria, Riley, & Kona, A girl and her two dogs that are always out having fun adventure together. Maria literally wrote the book on how to SUP with your dog when she published “How to SUP With Your PUP” in 2013 and now she’s finding more ways to keep her older pup Riley involved in all the fun to be had. Follow all of her adventures and learn from all her great trips on how to keep your pup a part of your adventures.

Maria Christina Shultz

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Tail Wagon dans le sud

Expedition Dust

Brando Yelavich, aka “Wildboy”

Brando was “an ordinary person doing ordinary things” until at the age of 19 when he became the first person to circumnavigate the coastline of New Zealand by foot. Since he’s covered 700km of Stewart Island, spent 15 days in Nepal, crossed the polar icecap in Greenland, and circumnavigated Vancouver island by kayak. Next he’s crossing Australia by bike towing all his supplies with a few partners in a wild trip he dubbed Expedition Dust.

The Coffee Ride

Joshua Crane

Café & motos: deux choses qui fusionnaient si bien. Joshua, un Boulder Colorado Coffee torréfacteur, a fondé The Coffee Ride de l’amour pour les deux équitation et de faire la tasse parfaite de café. Grâce à la luge d’hiver, à la pluie printanière et à la chaleur estivale, Joshua délivre tout son café à vélo et depuis des années. Découvrez ses superbes rôtis de spécialité et la livraison durable à vélo.

Le projet Bikings

Le projet Bikings est un groupe de gars de différents horizons de la vie se réunissent pour inspirer et initier les gens au monde de la randonnée à vélo. Ils ont déjà parcouru 1200 km dans le Territoire du Nord de l'Australie, exploré Cuba à vélo, et maintenant l'intention de faire le tour de l'Australie 16.000 km en équipe. L'objectif simple est de générer du contenu amusant, authentique et excitant pour sortir les gens du canapé et s'intéresser à la randonnée à vélo comme un moyen de Découvrir le grand air.

Bryan Sheffield


Photographer and bicycling enthusiast. Bryan and his buddies started @Dad_Bike as a way to make fun of themselves and prove you can still have fun on bikes with kids. He still gets in his regular rides with the buddies and family now just with a trailer in tow and a MyKick balance bike ready to go. Making memories and getting the kids outside is what it’s all about.


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Keeping Up with the Kids

Justin Rowe

During the last twenty years Justin has organized and taken part in ultra endurance runs throughout the UK. He’s run the length and breadth of the UK and more recently ran to all of the 215 Fire Houses in New York City. The runs are challenging and different than the average run. His runs have benefited many people, as he’s raised thousands of pounds(or dollars) along the way for various charities in the UK & the USA. In 2019 he’ll be running down the Atlantic USA coast to raise more money for the Stephen Siller Tunnel 2 Towers Foundation USA and UK Charity TBC. As a self supported runner he keeps all his goods in tow with a Nomad trailer.


The Press – Malton watch manager Justin Rowe and firefighter Terrance Gregg, from York fire station, will run 12 marathons

North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service – Firefighters to participate in mammoth run for charity

Ross Exler

African Great Lakes Expedition

Ross is an adventurer through and through. He’s navigated a small boat thousands of kilometers solo through the Amazon, taught himself how to ride a motor bike in Dar es Salaam and then rode it solo more than 10,000 kilometers in eastern and southern Africa, ascended mountains of over 6,000 meters, and survived innumerable challenges from Brazilian pirates to corrupt Zimbabwean cops. Now he’s headed to the Africa on the ultimate biking and paddling expedition where he plans to do the first unsupported, human powered, solo crossing of the three largest African Great Lakes.

Ross Exler’s African Great Lakes Trip

Burley Blog Posts:

African Great Lakes Solo Crossing


Demis from Switzerland and Nancy from Mexico met in Puerto Vallarta in 2010 when their love first sparked.  They’re relationship didn’t really kick into gear until 2015 when they reconnected. Since, their lives have been focused on seeking a fulfillment and enjoyment of life each day. They rode away from their wedding on bikes and started a journey from Alaska to Patagonia. Along the way they found Babino, their puppy, who’s along for the ride of a lifetime cruising in the Tail Wagon trailer. Catch up on their adventures and see how they live life to the fullest.

Vagaboom’s Website

Vagaboom’s YouTube Vlogs

Jake Wilcox


He specializes in long distance, non-motorized journeys. With over five years exploring the globe, Jake has begun his Venture500 campaign to complete 50 expeditions, each 500+ miles, while crossing every continent non motorized. Through these expeditions Jake has been able to raise funds, giving back to different charities and educating along the way. He hopes to help inspire and motivate people to live a more healthy, active, and outdoor lifestyle. Jake is currently making his way across Australia on an Ellipto with a Nomad in tow.

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Lie & Loft

Portland to Pebble – Luke & Pete

Luke and Pete set out on a 900+ miles adventure down the Pacific Northwest Coast from Portland, OR to Pebble Beach, CA with their golf bags in tow on our Travoy trailers. Unlike most bike tours, they decided to hit the links as they pedaled their way.

Lie & Loft Blog

Golf Channel – Portland to Pebble: Biking with golf clubs (Video)

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Bryan Fletcher

US Nordic Ski Team

Bryan was born in Colorado where skiing is king and he quickly became hooked. At nearly 3 years old he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. While battling this cancer he was introduced to Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined. Working with his coaches and teammates helped him battle through. His commitment to training and never saying “no” got him to the 2002 Olympics his freshman year of high school. Since he has become a member of the US Ski Team and has successfully competed around the world. He is currently in Park City Utah training for the 2018 Winter Olympics with a Burley towing his little one. Follow his training and cheer him on in the upcoming Olympic Games.

Bryan Fletcher

Cycle South Chica

Leah Manning

After pursuing her dream of cycling 15,000 miles from California to the tip of South America, she learned that adventure is limitless. As a solo woman on her adventure she learned a new language, bicycle maintenance, camping, and survival skills while out in the wild. During her bike tour that spanned from May 2013-May 2015 she met many European families traveling with young children by bike. Even for her this was eye opening. She now has her own little one, Nina. She continues to share her passion for cycling with Nina as they explore in a thrilling way to experience the landscape and meet people.

CycleSouthChica Blog

Jeremy McGhee

The UnPavement Tour

In 2001 Jeremy was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident, but he’s certainly never let it slow him down as he continues to bike, surf, paddle, & ski. On top of that he also speaks publicly about his adventures to inspire others. In December 2013 he released his Drop In Project documentary about his backcountry climb and skiing of the Bloody Couloir without the use of his legs. Now he’s on the UNpavement Tour, a collaboration with the MTB Project set on inspiring others to get off the pavement. Traveling throughout the Western US he’ll be mapping trails and creating detailed information to improve access for those living with disabilities.

Jeremy McGhee