First Ride Celebration

Whether it’s exploring a new path, riding with a new trailer, or your first time on a bike, we believe the first ride is worth celebrating. Join us all summer long as we share First Ride stories from you – the Burley community!

Waves and Tires Project

SoulMountain Adventures

This summer, Piter and his partner embarked on their first bikepacking trip using the Coho XC cargo bike trailer. Focused on promoting sustainable travel, their trip will take them around the coastline of the Iberian Peninsula.

Their itinerary includes frequent stops to surf and support the local environment through tree planting and garbage collecting. Follow their progress on Instagram @soulmountainadventures

UNH Adventure Leadership Class

At the University of New Hampshire the backcountry adventure leadership class is a popular class where students would participate and eventually lead trips in the White Mountain National Forest.

Like all college campuses in the world, the University of New Hampshire faculty had to adapt to new protocols to limit the spread of COVID-19. How do we transport a group to the White Mountains when vans do not allow social distancing? What stresses are we putting on local search and rescue resources in case of an accident?

Our answer was to switch from backpacking to bikepacking using Burley Coho XC trailers. Students traveled under their own power and camped under tarps, socially distanced. They did this as part of UNH’s Outdoor Leadership and Management program.

We used the Warm Shower app to find hosts with group camping areas. These hosts were wonderful bicycle tourists with stories to tell. We stayed with a bluegrass musician, with a man who created a trail network in his backyard, and at Camp Ketcha in Portland. We also learned about Portland Gear Hub’s bike advocacy program.

We also dealt with bike maintenance issues (Three derailers were broken, including mine). One of the participants Zack had his bike made into a 1 speed to limp back to town, I coasted a mile to local bike shop to beg for a new derailer. We had been operating under a policy of “No discount” which referred to not treating yourself, others, or the group as less than its full value. After a few mechanical issues with bikes (3 broken derailers) we added our bikes to the “no discount” contract—be nice to your bike.

We also followed “the Ice Cream rule” that if you were caught on your bike without your helmet, you had to buy an ice cream for whoever caught you. We enjoyed ice cream and became vigorous about keeping our helmets on.

In the end we came to love our Burley trailers that made it all possible. It has opened up a new, lifelong activity to a group of students who wanted to find a way to safely adventure.

Brent Bell, Phd. is a faculty member in the Outdoor Leadership and Management program at the University of NH.

Biking with Bees

“For our family, we’ve had multiple first rides. I was motivated by weight loss and a healthier lifestyle to take my first ride. Then, I took my first ride with my two oldest boys in our Burley Bee bike trailer as a way to spend more time with them before my wife gave birth to the newest addition to our family.”


“We went on adventures to the doughnut shops, the ice cream parlors, and the different parks to try and make it more exciting for the boys at first. Now, they just love to ride.

Since my youngest is old enough to ride now, we got a second Burley bike trailer to accommodate him. With the two Burley Bees, we’re able to travel as a family and go on all of our past adventures and any and every new adventure that comes along!”



Community Bike Shops

As host of the bike-centric YouTube channel, Everyday Cycling, Victor has lots of great tips for making cycling part of your daily routine.

One pro-tip he has for cyclists of any skill level – check out a local community bike shop! In this video, he shares how his local DIY bike shop helped him prep his roommate’s bike for her commute.


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