Upper frame hinge for Travoy. Cable Repair Kit (part 950177) and the Tie Down Buttons (part 950175) may also be necessary for repairing this part.


Upper Battens for 2010-2012 D'Lite.


Upper Battens for D'Lites and Solo.


Replacement upper pole for Ski Kit


Replacement harness and mounting hardware for the 2016-Current We! Ski Kit and Walking & Hiking Kit. This kit can be used on previous We! Ski Kit models as an upgrade to our more current harness/hardware system.Includes:

  • Looped harness with retaining pins
  • Pole pivot connections
  • Mounting hardware


Replacement mounting hardware for the 2016 We! Ski Kit. This part can be used on previous models as an upgrade to our more current We! Ski Kit Harness & Hardware (250484).Includes:

  • 1: Pole pivot connection
  • Sexbolt mounting hardware


Wheel Bearing Replacement Kit (Set of 4)


Wheel guard for the left hand side receiver.


Pivoting wheel guard for trailers with the plastic receiver. Single wheel guard. Universal Left and Right.


Wheel guard for the right hand side receiver.


Wheel Guards. Set of 2 with hardware.


Replacement seat for the 2016-Current Honey Bee & Bee.