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Welcome to the Burley Learning Series. This series has been designed to help you learn about Burley’s history, our different child trailers, the cargo trailer lineup, cycles and strollers, and how Burley sets itself apart from the competition.


What started as a bike bag company, Burley has changed over the nearly 40 years of its history. However, what remains the same is the dedication to safety, durability and thoughtful design.

Good, Better, Best

Good, Better, Best is the overarching way that we classify our child trailers. This video will help you¬†become more familiar with our child trailers and why our Bee is so much different than our D’Lite.

Cargo Trailers

The Cargo Trailers video goes over the many different trailers that Burley offers dedicated to cargo or pets. Learn about why the Nomad is great for touring, and why the Tail Wagon is the best way to take a furry friend along on an adventure.

Cycles & Strollers

Burley isn’t just about bicycle trailers. We offer our premium Solstice Jogging Stroller, and our cycle lineup includes the MyKick, Piccolo and Kazoo. Learn why Burley is great for cycling and strolling.



Burley Above the Rest

For nearly 40 years Burley has led the industry in safety. We are dedicated to creating the safest products on the market. Learn about the different tests each trailer must pass, and just how Burley sets itself above the rest.

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