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Appalachian Snow Day

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Article & Photos by Allie Bynum

Over the weekend, the Appalachian Mountains finally got enough snow to act a fool in!  A few days earlier, we received five packages from Burley Design.  We woke up Saturday morning to a frosty delight of about 5 inches of powdery fluff.  Collin and I, excited-like Christmas morning parents, packed up the dogs and baby and headed up to Roan Mountain where the snow was sent straight from the heavens above!

We have discovered a new winter sport: Babypacking!

Our first time using Olin’s new Burley trailer was a grand success!  Collin safely hooked up the We! Ski Kit in no time, as I zipped Olin’s snowsuit up and got the pups ready.  The harness was super comfy to wear, as we pulled Olin up Roan Mountain  to 5,826 feet of elevation.

I told Collin that we have discovered a new winter sport:  Babypacking!  Pulling Olin through the snowy woods up the Appalachian Trail to the top of the bald was a blast!  The skis that attach under the trailer made it a nearly effortless endeavor!  The trailer smoothly glides over snow-packed logs, around thick drift corners, and up steep snowy inclines.  The dogs loved it too, as they trailed behind!

We took a few side trips to bust out the snurfer, and man it was lit!  We are really digging this whole parenthood thing, especially with outdoor kid-built gear like Burley Design’s We! Ski Kit!  Dude, we may have had more fun than Olin.  The truth is, the whole fam had a blast on this snow day!

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