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Build A Legacy: Long Haul Trekkers

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In May 2015, Dave Hoch and Jen Sotolongo, along with their Australian Shepherd, Sora, left their home in Portland, Oregon to embark on the adventure of a lifetime – cycle touring around the world.

Stuck in unsatisfying jobs over the course of many years, Dave and Jen decided to make travel their priority. Both longtime cyclists, bicycle touring seemed a perfect fit for the adventure. Their loyal dog Sora was a part of the plan from the beginning.

Long Haul Trekkers Photo1  Long Haul Trekkers Photo3

After saving for a year, they quit their jobs, packed their belongings into panniers, and headed for Oslo, Norway, where they began their journey. Dave tows Sora in “Rick Shaw, ” her Burley Tail Wagon, up and over hills, through the mud, and over bumpy cobblestones. Sometimes the days can be long and difficult, and they certainly ride slower than the average cycle tourist, but it’s worth it to have Sora by their side. Sora has traveled on planes, trains, and ferries along the way. She even has her own pet passport!

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At their current pace they will reach Greece by December and will have traveled through 17 countries in 8 months…and their adventure is far from over. Next on the travel docket, the Long Haul Trekkers crew will be flying to Patagonia, where they’ll begin a very long and incredibly scenic bike ride back home to Oregon.

Dave, Jen and Sora took a leap. They gave up the security of 9-to-5 jobs, warm showers, and the many conveniences of modern urban living. They set out to do something most would consider crazy. They decided sharing incredible experiences and seeing new places together was more important than punching the clock, and they went for it. They set out to build their own legacy and write their own story. We think that’s pretty admirable, so we started following their journey at (where Sora occasionally writes incredibly articulate blog posts for a dog). We also stalk them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You should too.

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