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Tail Wagon in the South

Post on | Adventure, Ambassador, Dogs, Pro Team, Tail Wagon

Article & Photos by Maria Christina Shultz, SUP with your PUP  Spending three weeks on the road with my Australian shepherds, Kona and Riley this winter was an amazing break from reality. We did it all, from paddling and biking to hiking and shark-tooth hunting! But one of the biggest highlights for me was being… Read more >

Circumnavigating Australia – The Bikings Project

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Article & Photos from Daniel Reicht, The Bikings Project Franco, Maxo, and I are from Argentina and have a great adventure 16,000 km around Australia. Two brothers and one friend traveling with their instruments. This is The Bikings Project. Having started in Perth, we are now finishing the Great Ocean Road heading to Melbourne, after 4,500… Read more >

Packing for a Bikepacking Trip with Your Dog

Post on | Adventure, Ambassador, Cargo, Dogs, Tail Wagon, Touring

Photos and Article from Jen Sotolongo, Long Haul Trekkers Like backpacking, packing for a bikepacking trip is a fine art. When you add a dog to the mix, it becomes even more complicated (and quite a bit heavier!). After spending two years on a cross continental cycle tour with our dog, Sora, we can pack… Read more >

Nomad Coffee Ride Delivery
The Coffee Ride – A Day in the Life

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Timeline & Photos from Joshua Crane, The Coffee Ride Follow along on the everyday adventures of The Coffee Ride’s daily bike deliveries. The Coffee Ride, a Boulder, Colorado based business, is creating awesome specialty roasts sustainably delivered by bike locally with the Burley Nomad. Rain or shine, The Coffee Ride always delivers your morning favorites.

Spring into Bikepacking: Grand Staircase-Escalante

Post on | Adventure, Ambassador, Blog, Family, Touring

Photos and article from Becky Vordermann, Barefoot in the Burley Blog A few months ago, we had decided we wanted to bikepack in Grand Staircase-Escalante. After many weeks of cold and clouds, our family was ready to head south to the desert for spring break. Neither Bryon nor myself, had heard of the national monument,… Read more >

SUP with PUP How Series: Training Dogs for Bike Trailers, Part 1

Post on | Ambassador, Blog, Dogs, Tail Wagon, Training

Article & Photos by Maria Christina Shultz, SUP with your PUP This looks silly, I know. But before our Burley Tail Wagon arrived I started thinking about how I was going to introduce the dogs to it. Riley and Kona don’t like crates, and I’m thinking that a small enclosed space like the trailer might be a… Read more >

African Great Lakes Solo Crossing

Post on | Adventure, Ambassador, Blog, Pro Team, Touring

Photos & Article by Ross Exler Years ago, while I was a student at the University of Colorado and working in a lab that studied species of fish from Lake Tanganyika, I came up with the idea for an expedition. The idea was to link 3 of the largest lakes in the world, Lake Malawi,… Read more >

A New Year’s Eve Ride

Post on | Adventure, Ambassador, Blog, Family, Training

By Becky of the Barefoot in the Burley Blog We wrapped up 2017 with a day of family fat bike training around the south Teton Valley groomed fat bike trail system. Thanks to the volunteers of Teton Valley Trails and Pathways and Fitzgerald’s Bicycles, we have an awesome network of groomed single track specifically for… Read more >

Keeping Up with the Kids

Post on | Ambassador, Blog, Family

Article & Photos by Bryan Sheffield  Our two year old daughter, Johnny, loves her MyKick. She calls it “Red Bike” and wants to take it everywhere we go. Here is a photo of her riding it around our suburbs of Philadelphia neighborhood. This is Mr. Phil’s house. Phil is a wonderful gentle man, retired, and… Read more >

Appalachian Snow Day

Post on | Adventure, Ambassador, Blog, Dogs, Family

Article & Photos by Allie Bynum Over the weekend, the Appalachian Mountains finally got enough snow to act a fool in!  A few days earlier, we received five packages from Burley Design.  We woke up Saturday morning to a frosty delight of about 5 inches of powdery fluff.  Collin and I, excited-like Christmas morning parents,… Read more >

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