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Tail Wagon in the South

Post on | Adventure, Ambassador, Dogs, Pro Team, Tail Wagon

Article & Photos by Maria Christina Shultz, SUP with your PUP  Spending three weeks on the road with my Australian shepherds, Kona and Riley this winter was an amazing break from reality. We did it all, from paddling and biking to hiking and shark-tooth hunting! But one of the biggest highlights for me was being… Read more >

Packing for a Bikepacking Trip with Your Dog

Post on | Adventure, Ambassador, Cargo, Dogs, Tail Wagon, Touring

Photos and Article from Jen Sotolongo, Long Haul Trekkers Like backpacking, packing for a bikepacking trip is a fine art. When you add a dog to the mix, it becomes even more complicated (and quite a bit heavier!). After spending two years on a cross continental cycle tour with our dog, Sora, we can pack… Read more >

SUP with PUP How Series: Training Dogs for Bike Trailers, Part 1

Post on | Ambassador, Blog, Dogs, Tail Wagon, Training

Article & Photos by Maria Christina Shultz, SUP with your PUP This looks silly, I know. But before our Burley Tail Wagon arrived I started thinking about how I was going to introduce the dogs to it. Riley and Kona don’t like crates, and I’m thinking that a small enclosed space like the trailer might be a… Read more >

Appalachian Snow Day

Post on | Adventure, Ambassador, Blog, Dogs, Family

Article & Photos by Allie Bynum Over the weekend, the Appalachian Mountains finally got enough snow to act a fool in!  A few days earlier, we received five packages from Burley Design.  We woke up Saturday morning to a frosty delight of about 5 inches of powdery fluff.  Collin and I, excited-like Christmas morning parents,… Read more >

Licking Her Wounds

Post on | Blog, Dogs, Pro Team, Tail Wagon

Sora of the Long Haul Trekkers has gone under the knife for a reoccurring growth that needs to be treated, but don’t fear. Jen & Dave would never leave her behind to be lonely at home. Read up on how they kept her involved  in their fun activities with their Burley trailer.  Article & Photos… Read more >

Build A Legacy: Long Haul Trekkers

Post on | Adventure, Build A Legacy, Cargo, Dogs, Tail Wagon, Touring

In May 2015, Dave Hoch and Jen Sotolongo, along with their Australian Shepherd, Sora, left their home in Portland, Oregon to embark on the adventure of a lifetime – cycle touring around the world. Stuck in unsatisfying jobs over the course of many years, Dave and Jen decided to make travel their priority. Both longtime… Read more >

10 Tips for Cycle Touring With A Dog

Post on | Dogs, Tail Wagon, Touring

Jen Sotolongo here from Long Haul Trekkers! We’re biking from Oslo to Istanbul with our dog Sora, and we’re having a blast! We’ve learned a lot along the way and have compiled 10 tips to help you plan a successful tour with your furry friend in tow. Cycle touring with a dog certainly poses its challenges. In addition to… Read more >

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