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Circumnavigating Australia – The Bikings Project

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Article & Photos from Daniel Reicht, The Bikings Project

Franco, Maxo, and I are from Argentina and have a great adventure 16,000 km around Australia. Two brothers and one friend traveling with their instruments. This is The Bikings Project. Having started in Perth, we are now finishing the Great Ocean Road heading to Melbourne, after 4,500 km. We carry our gear with two Burley Nomad trailers that are fully loaded with equipment and food. Beyond circumnavigating Australia by bike, we are documenting, cooking, and playing music.

We just happen to have bicycles and that's the way we choose to discover the world.

How can we carry our instruments while we travel on our bicycles? This is something we had to think about before starting our trip. Mostly because there is no way that we travel without music in our opinion. The Nomad was a perfect option for the road! We put the guitar and Peruvian cajón on the rack which fit perfectly. Inside the trailer we put heaps of stuff. We carry sound equipment, cameras, solar panels and even a pressure cook. Most importantly, we finds gigs when we arrive in town to share our music with local people and document our experience while we travel.

Jammin' at The Great Rocks


Our bicycles have four panniers and a trailer so they really look like a transformer. The fact that they are so big makes people get interested and we get to know so many different characters. It’s beautiful. Once we talked with a cycle-touring girl from Brazil and she told us “when you go on a push bike you are vulnerable, so people helps you in your objective”. We think this embraces the heart and adventure involved in cycle touring. Traveling is so enjoyable when you can share your freedom and joy with others while you learn from them as well.


We don´t really look like cyclists. In fact, we are not. We just happen to have bicycles and that’s the way we choose to discover the world. We go slowly but are always looking forward. In four months we`ve done 4,500 km and we are going for 16,000 km. All the way around Australia, that’s the mission. Fully loaded and happy we look forward to what’s coming next.

In the near future we are heading to Mount Kosciuszko. It is the highest mountain in Australia, so it’ll be a few days going uphill. It’s a great mind exercise to go uphill for a few days. You have to be focused and breathe calmly. The bicycle gives you so much and it is a wonderful way of getting in touch with nature and its beauty. After the mountains, we are heading the Coast again through the so famous Gold Cost. The tough times will come again when reaching the Northern Territory. Here the extreme adventure will begin and the hot climate is going to be a challenge. We are heading there for sure!

Our aim is to encourage people to go and get in touch with the world, whatever form they choose. Personally, we recommend the bicycle and if you like going with a little house, check out the Burley Nomad trailer that can haul everything. In the end, life is about choosing what you like and today we choose to know the world sitting in a saddle.

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