On the Road with Amunches

man and teen daughter standing in front of cactus field with bicycle and dog in dog bike trailer

“Amunches” means travelers in the language of the indigenous Mapuche people from Patagonia. For Patricia Fehr, Germán de Córdov, and their daughter Inti, this was the perfect descriptor of their family and their life on the road. Amunches travel full time, exploring the Americas in a converted school bus, learning about local cultures and sharing stories from their trips in seminars and workshops.

man sitting on rock outcropping overlooking a canyon at sunset. daughter sits nearby with their dog. bikes and pet bike trailer off to one side

After their Labrador Retriever named Aurora joined the family, Amunches reached out to Burley to inquire about the Tail Wagon pet bike trailer. Since then, they’ve become part of our Ambassador team, using the Tail Wagon to bring Aurora with them on all their adventures.

“Bikes are a necessity when we get to little towns with twisted streets. [They allow us] to leave the bus parked outside of town under a tree shade or in a neighbor’s back yard.” says Patricia. “Our Tail Wagon is a secure and ideal carrier for Aurora, [especially over] long distances or rough surfaces which are not safe for her. She just jumps up and makes herself comfortable in her trailer and enjoys the ride.”

mand daughter biking down dirt road lined with cacti, dog in pet bike trailer attached to man's bike.

To learn more about Amunches or to follow them on their journey, you can find them on Instagram @amunches.