The Coho 16+ Wheel Kit sports a 16 x 3” knobby tire, offering superior handling on unpaved surfaces including gravel, sand and snow.


Market bags are perfect for shopping or weekend excursions.


Elastic net with adjustable hooks designed to fit Burley frame tubes.


The Upper Transit/Laptop Bag for the Burley Travoy makes bike commuting a breeze by attaching it to the Travoy trailer.


The Nomad Cargo Rack makes carrying bulkier items with your Nomad easier than ever before. Easy to install, and adding more space to haul everything you need on your long journeys, the Cargo Rack is a must have for any Nomad owner. Nomad Cargo Rack for 2004-Present Nomad.


The kickstand helps stabilize your pet trailer for loading and unloading your furry friends.


Rain Cover for Travoy.


Seat-post mounted hitch for your Burley Travoy. (same as one included with trailer)


With these clips you can set up your own bag to attach securely to the Travoy. Set of (4)


Tie Down Straps for Travoy trailer. (same as those included with trailer)


The Travoy Wheel Guards attach to the inside of the Travoy and prevents your cargo from contacting the wheels when your bags are full to the brim. The easy to install Wheel Guards allow the Travoy to maintain its easy to use functionality, while offering additional protection to any over-sized cargo. The durable all-weather design is built to last just as long your Travoy.


The Travoy Rack Mount enables the Travoy Hitch to mount on a rear rack, rather than the seat post.


The Wall Mount lets you easily store and display your Travoy, Kazoo and Piccolo. *For use with Travoy, requires the Travoy Rack Mount and Travoy Hitch.