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The Nomad Cargo Rack makes carrying bulkier items with your Nomad easier than ever before. Easy to install, and adding more space to haul everything you need on your long journeys, the Cargo Rack is a must have for any Nomad owner.Nomad Cargo Rack for 2004-Present Nomad.


With these clips you can set up your own bag to attach securely to the Travoy.Set of (4)

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The Travoy Wheel Guards attach to the inside of the 2010-2019 Travoy and prevents your cargo from contacting the wheels when your bags are full to the brim.


The Wall Mount lets you easily store and display your Travoy, Kazoo and Piccolo.*For use with Travoy, requires the Travoy Rack Mount and Travoy Hitch.

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Available DecemberPerfect for cross country skiing or snow shoeing, the Ski Kit attaches to the wheel axle with a push button system.

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Out of StockThis adjustable waistband and tow bar kit makes it easy to walk or hike with your Burley.


Seat-post mounted hitch for your Burley Travoy. (same as one included with trailer)


The Travoy Rack Mount enables the Travoy Hitch to mount on a rear rack, rather than the seat post.


Tie Down Straps for Travoy trailer. (same as those included with trailer)


From touring and bikepacking, to commuting and hauling groceries, our bike cargo trailers are versatile to fit your everyday and not-so everyday needs. With our wide range of accessories, you can customize them to how you see fit. Swap wheels, add bags and accessories, enjoy making each trailer uniquely yours.


Never be without your essential gear while you are out in the great outdoors. Constructed with thoughtful design in mind, our bike cargo trailers are durable enough to withstand miles and miles of dirt road and pavement while hauling all your favorite gear. Embrace your wanderlust.


We take design seriously and work hard to ensure our products are lightweight and durable. We use 6000 series aluminum frames and innovative, proprietary connection methods that offer you a wide range of hauling options that you can depend on. Tool-free assembly helps you easily get on your way, while key accessories work to match your hauling needs. Whether you’re heading to work, or looking to explore new places on the map, we have you covered




This cargo bike trailer is ready for use on your everyday commute or the occasional bikeshare ride for any urban adventure.



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