The perfect way to get more out of your Cub, this Jogger Kit converts the trailer to a jogger with a complete hand brake. This kit makes it easy for families to keep fit on the run.


Replacement flag kit. Breaks down into two pieces. Reaches 6' high total.

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Replacement Caliper for older Jogger Kits that originally included a brake.


Nomad Cargo Rack installation hardware for the current Nomad trailer.


Shoulder harness pads for 5-point harness system.


Replacement 16" x 2.5-3" inner tube for the 16+ Wheel Kit & Coho 16+ Wheel Kit.


Replacement brake lever assembly for older Burley Jogger Kit.


16″ Wheel replacement for Jogging Kits. Includes quick release axle assembly. Compatibility: -2007-2018 – Single & Double Jogger Kits


Cinch Bolts for mounting rounded stays to the Moose Rack. Sold individually. If the stays are also needed they are available as a kit with cinch bolts (SKU 950066 Moose Rack Stays).-2008-Current Moose Rack


Replacement Moose Rack Stays.


Replacement plastic clamp for 1-Wheel Stroller Kit from 2004-2014.


Replacement quick release skewer for brake arm support on older jogger kit.


QR skewer for the rear wheel of the Coho XC or the Jogger Kit conversion wheel.


Safety Strap for Classic Hitch.


Replacement Skis for the We! Ski Kit.


Replacement snack cup lid for the Solstice jogging stroller.


Tie-Down straps for the 2004-2013 Flatbed.


16" x 3" Replacement tire for the 16+ Wheel Kit & Coho 16+ Wheel Kit.


Replacement upper pole for Ski Kit


Replacement harness and mounting hardware for the 2016-Current We! Ski Kit and Walking & Hiking Kit. This kit can be used on previous We! Ski Kit models as an upgrade to our more current harness/hardware system.Includes:

  • Looped harness with retaining pins
  • Pole pivot connections
  • Mounting hardware


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