Safety Strap Kit for Child Carrier Tow Bar. Provides a visual indication that the tow bar has been inserted correctly, and a redundant attachment to the Child Carrier in the event of equipment failure. To be sent a Receiver Safety Strap Kit or for more information please visit the Safety Recall Information page. 


Reflector bracket pair.


Universal reflectors and brackets for trailers. Brackets may not be necessary for all applications.


Release handle kit for the Coho XC.


Replacement grip for the Piccolo trailercycle.


Replacement fabric panel with frame piece for 2004-2013 Nomad.


Replacement knob for roll bar. Compatible with:

  • 2000-2003 (only) Solo
  • 2004-2013 Nomad


Replacement roll bar with knobs for the 2000-2003 Solo and 2004-2013 Nomad.


Replacement Rubber Cap for the Travoy Kickstand


Safety strap assembly with hitch pin and retainer washer.


Safety Strap for Classic Hitch.


Seat for 2013-2015 D'Lite, Cub,& Encore


Replacement seat for the 2016-2018 D'Lite, Cub & Encore.


Seat and Harness Pad Kit for the 2008-2012 Cub.


Replacement seat pads for 2013-2015 Encore &Honey Bee.


Replacement seat and seat post for 2011-Current Piccolo and Kazoo.


Replacement Seat for 2010-2013 Bee.


Replacement Seat for 2010-2012 D'Lite.