Replacement flag kit. Breaks down into two pieces. Reaches 6' high total.


Amber reflector for wheel.


Bottom bracket with crank set for the 2013-Current Kazoo.

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Replacement Chain Guard for 2012-Present Kazoo


Chain guard for Burley trailercycles.


Front fender for the Piccolo and Kazoo trailercycles.


Cinch Bolts for mounting rounded stays to the Moose Rack. Sold individually. If the stays are also needed they are available as a kit with cinch bolts (SKU 950066 Moose Rack Stays).-2008-Current Moose Rack

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Replacement Moose Rack Stays.


Replacement Rear Wheel with Cassette for Kazoo (2011-Present)


Replacement seat and seat post for 2011-Current Piccolo and Kazoo.

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Hardware connecting the main frame of the trailercycle to the tow arm. Sold individually.


Replacement Tow Arm with Hitch for 2011-Current Kazoo trailercycle.


Trailercycle Hitch for Piccolo and Kazoo.


Wheel Bearing Replacement Kit (Set of 4)

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A heavy-duty steel rear rack made for towing Burley trailercycles. Rack is not suitable for attaching a child seat.