How can I order replacement parts for my Burley trailer?

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All of our available replacement parts are listed on They can be sorted by the model and year of your trailer.

Unfortunately, not all replacement parts for the older Burley trailers are still available. We try to maintain a stock of replacement parts going back roughly 5-7 years before phasing them out as we run out of stock. Because there are so many different dimensions to our trailers over the years, there isn’t any cross-compatibility.

The What Year Is My Burley tool can help you identify which model/year of trailer you have (link below). If you would like assistance in identifying what model/year your trailer is, please email us some photos of the front, side, rear, and inside of the trailer. Also, we may be able to tell by the serial number of the trailer if you have that available.

Replacement Parts:

What Year Is My Burley:

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