How can I tell if a bicycle trailer is safe for my child to ride in?

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How can I tell if a bicycle trailer is safe for my child to ride in?

Unlike strollers and kids bicycle helmets, the testing standards for kids bike trailers are not legally required. Therefore it is extremely important not to assume the trailer you are buying has received safety testing; many of them have not!

Though it is not legally required, the testing standard that exists is the ASTM F1975-15. Be sure to verify that any kids bike trailer you buy has tested to and passed this standard. The standard tests for strength of harness, crushing, rollover and general durability among other things.

Do Burley trailers meet ASTM requirements?

Yes, all Burley child trailers are designed and rigorously tested to meet and exceed these standards. In fact, Burley paved the way in creating these safety standards. Families have come to trust Burley trailers for the safety and durability of our products for more than 30 years. Burley’s in-house protocols are the toughest in the industry. Our aluminum structure and restraint system are all about safety. We put these features and all other elements included with our trailers through more than 20 different testing protocols for hundreds of hours before a Burley trailer design is approved. Our testing program has evolved to ensure that our trailers continue to provide safe transportation for children and pets.

To learn more visit our Safety and Technology page.

Besides, the ASTM designation, what other safety features should I look for when shopping for a trailer?

Look for these features found on every Burley trailer:

  • Drum-tight, gap-free fabric panels that protect children from moving wheels.
  • Durable material in bright colors to be easily noticed on the road.
  • Secondary safety hitch strap for an extra measure of security.
  • Five-point safety harness system.
  • Strong aluminum frame and roll cage system to completely surround your child.
  • Reflective materials and CSPC-approved reflectors.
  • A safety flag that attaches to the trailer.
  • Made-to-last quality and durable construction. Burleys are made with heavy duty aluminum hinges.
  • The ASTM label indicates that the trailer meets or exceeds the American Society of Testing Materials safety requirements.
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