I’m opening the trailer for the first time and the fabric is very tight making it difficult. How can this be fixed?

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Burley has always stood above other brands with our established quality and safety standards. One of our most important features is the drum-tight fabric on every child trailer. This ensures your children’s safety, by stopping any fingers or limbs from being able to come in contact with the moving wheels and spokes of your trailer. To ensure drum-tight fabric on every trailer, we work with limited tolerances that can make the first opening of your trailer to be a little difficult. It may require 2 adults to first get the trailer set up. Leaving your trailer open for the first week (5-7 days) after it has been opened for the first time will allow the fabric to relax into place and make future opening and closing of the trailer much easier.

Video for setting up a 2019 kid trailer/stroller:

Video for setting up a Bee, Honey Bee, or 2016-2018 kid trailer/stroller:

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