What’s the difference between using a bicycle child trailer and a bike-mounted child seat?

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We believe a bicycle trailer is the safest way to bicycle with young children. A bike-mounted child seat has three drawbacks:

  • If you have a mishap and the bike falls over the child will fall with the bike from a height of about three feet. Burley trailers stay standing on both wheels in the event that the bike tips over.
  • A bike seat places the child’s weight high above and behind the rear axle. This negatively affects the handling and stability of the bike, particularly on a single bike. A Burley trailer hitch is designed to provide superior tracking for the towing bicycle, and the children’s weight in the trailer is balanced to provide a smooth ride for both the cyclist and the passengers.
  • There’s very little rollover protection for the child in a bike-mounted child seat. All Burley trailers have an all metal frame construction which surrounds the passengers and a 5-point harness system to protect children in the event of a roll over.
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