When pressure is applied to the handlebar, it clicks and slides out of place. Is there a way to adjust my handlebar?

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The handlebar of the trailer can be adjusted easily without any tools required.

There is a lever on the right-hand side, and an exposed barrel nut on the left to adjust the handlebar rod tension if needed. Below are some helpful instructions which are also mentioned in the manual.

  1.     On the right-hand side of the trailer’s handlebar is the lever that locks the handlebar in place. Open this up into the unlocked position.
  2.     On the left-hand side of the trailer you will see a small barrel nut (looks like a small soda can). For 2019-Current D’Lite and Cub X models, there is a clam shell shape cover over this component. Open this cover with a hex key to expose the barrel nut.
  3.     Stand on the left-hand side of the trailer and with your left arm reach across the trailer to the other side of the handlebar.
  4.     Squeeze the handlebar between your hip and your hand on the opposite side. This will help pop out the barrel nut from its housing.
  5.     In 180 degree increments you can tighten the barrel nut, improving the locking power of the lever.
  6.     Be sure not to over tighten the barrel nut as this can cause too much tension, making it possible to snap the cinch lever which holds the handlebar in place.
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