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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Shipping Information
What's new on the 2016 products?
Why buy a Burley when there are less expensive child/pet trailers and strollers on the market?
Where can I find pricing for Burley trailers and accessories?
How can I receive a catalog?
Does my Burley trailer have a warranty?
Is my warranty transferable?
I have a bike that has a non-traditional type of frame and I’d like to purchase a Burley trailer. Will the Burley hitch work?
I have an old Burley with a round tow bar and a Classic Hitch. I bought a bike with disc brakes. Is it possible to switch this to the new style that goes on the quick release or nutted axle?
Why does my trailer tow off to the side of my bicycle?
How can I tell what year of child trailer I own?
How can I order replacement parts for my Burley trailer?
How do I know if I need a Hitch Alt Adapter?
Which size Hitch Adapter do I want for my Bike?
I have a 29er bike with larger tires. Will I be able to hookup a Burley trailer to it?
I have a bike with a 12mm thru axle. Will I be able to hook up a Burley trailer to it?

Kids Bike Trailers

How old should a child be to ride in a Burley trailer?
Does my child need to wear a helmet in the trailer?
Do Burley trailers meet ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) requirements?
How can I tell if a bicycle trailer is safe for my child to ride in?
Besides, the ASTM designation, what other safety features should I look for when shopping for a trailer?
What’s the difference between using a bicycle child trailer and a bike-mounted child seat?
Is there a way to turn my Burley into a stroller? How does it work?
Is there a way to turn my Burley trailer into a jogger? How does it work? What does it include?
Does the window material used on Burley child trailers protect children from harmful UV rays?
How do I clean my trailer cover?

Solstice Jogging Stroller

Will there be a double Solstice at any point in the near future?
My Solstice keeps tracking off to the side when I have the front wheel in the locked/jogging position. How can this be fixed?

Cargo Trailers

What is the advantage of using the Nomad trailer instead of panniers?
Will the Nomad work for a cross-country trip?
What is the advantage of a two-wheel trailer over a one-wheel trailer?
How does the Nomad fold?

Commute Trailers

Why use the Travoy for commuting?
Is the Travoy a good trailer for light touring?

Pet Trailers

Is it possible to use the Burley Tail Wagon for activities other than cycling?
What is the maximum weight capacity of the Burley Tail Wagon?
Will the Burley Tail Wagon be comfortable for my small dog or cat?
How can I help my pet adjust to our new Burley Tail Wagon?
Can my Tail Wagon be converted into a child-carrier?
I’m worried about my small pets getting out of the Tail Wagon. How do I keep them contained in the trailer?

Tips and Tricks

I’m opening the trailer for the first time and the fabric is very tight making it difficult. How can this be fixed?
What is the best way to provide additional seating support for younger children?
The trailer cover snaps are hard to open and close. What can I do to make them easier to use?
When pressure is applied to the handlebar it clicks and slides out of place. Is there a way to adjust my handlebar?
I’m having trouble getting my flag to stay in. How do I correctly install the flag?
My older One-Wheel Stroller Kit keeps pulling off to one side when I use it in Stroller Mode.
How do I make sure the trailer wheel quick release levers are tight?

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