Tales from a Tail Wagon

Whether exploring the backcountry or the neighborhood park, our furry friends become trusty copilots when we bring them along for the ride. See how Burley owners (and their humans) use their Tail Wagons to find adventure together.

Colorado Canine

“Four years ago, we were creating our wedding registry online, and on a whim I sprinkled a Burley Tail Wagon in amongst the kitchen utensils, bedding, and camping gear with the words “great group gift idea.” Ultimately, my 7th grade teaching team pooled their money to purchase it for us.

As it turns out, it has been one of our most-prized wedding gifts. Our pointer-coonhound mix, Bella, did a lot of mountain running with us at the time, and we wanted to start adding some non-impact activities into her adventure repertoire.”

“We decided to start trailering her along with us to local breweries on Fridays after work. Once Bella got used to the feeling of riding in the cart, she started to really enjoy coming along– checking out the scenery and feeling the breeze in her ears.

My husband Pat was already an avid cyclist, but I hadn’t ridden a bike since middle school and was pretty rusty. Bella inspired me to build my confidence on a bike. I bought a gravel bike and we started exploring nearby trails as a family.”

“Shortly after getting Bella comfortable in her Tail Wagon, she was diagnosed with a shoulder injury that abruptly ended her trail running career at 7 years old. After four PRP injections and months of diligent rehab, we were struggling to adapt to a new lifestyle that didn’t include running with Bella.

The Tail Wagon has been a great tool to keep Bella adventuring with us, even in canine retirement. We have a lot of fun planning day trips with the bikes to new places. Now, our new family member Ruby is learning the ropes in her very own Tail Wagon!”


Niklaus the Belgian Malinois

I love the Tail Wagon and not only use it with my bike but also as a stroller for my beloved Belgian Malinois, Niklaus.

The Tail Wagon has helped build confidence and trust as riding in a wagon was a new experience for Niklaus. It is a tool that allows us to do more things together building a much stronger bond.


Little River Dog

Living in Squamish, we’re surrounded by a huge system of mountain bike trails. Many of them are accessible by residential roads, so the Tail Wagon is the perfect way to safely transport River to the trails.

We love that the Tail Wagon gives us flexibility on our rides, as River has the option of going in the trailer when he gets tired or we feel it’s unsafe for him to run beside us. The Tail Wagon has let us include River in more activities and we couldn’t be more happy!


Sup with Pup

People keep asking me how I’m training the dogs to get ready for the arrival of our baby next month! Does this count?! In all seriousness, we are very excited about adding a new little member to our pack! Our goal is to continue adventuring as a family and our Burley Tail Wagon has been a great way to train the dogs to walk politely next to a stroller. Bodie’s new skills may come in handy down the road though, who knows!


Mr. Django Mango

My partner Thomas and I live in Berlin, Germany. We had considered adopting a dog for years, and this year we finally adopted Django from a shelter in Romania.

Though we live in a city, we are both more outdoors people, spending much of our free time taking long bike trips, hiking, and rock climbing. We were anxious to help Django adapt to his new city life while finding ways that we could enjoy these outdoor activities together.

“Unfortunately, not long after bringing him home, it became clear that Django was dealing with some pain in his back leg. After a set of x-rays, we learned that he had severe damage to his hip due to a past trauma, likely being run over by a car.

This meant that this one year old, very active shepherd mix would be on restricted activity for at least a few months before and after surgery. It also meant a dense schedule of vet and physical therapy appointments in the future.”

“Thanks to the Tail Wagon, Django has been able to get to know his new city. He has taken bike trips to lakes, through the forest surrounding Berlin, and to visit his friends in our local parks. In the weeks since his surgery, he has been able to ride comfortably to his appointments, and he always has a place to chill while we wait.

Once he is healed, we’ll plan a big bike trip to celebrate his new functioning hip. But for the moment, he is very happy to roll around town, do a little sightseeing, and get a treat from his favorite local restaurant.”


JD Adventure Pup

My name is Eric and I rescued my pup JD when he was one. Those of us who have dogs know how much they mean to us. I won’t go into full description but I rescued him when I was at rock bottom. We saved each other’s lives. As they say, “who rescued who?”

I always loved adventures and we frequently go biking and hiking. My goal is to bike with the trailer and hike with JD in every state. He is five now so we have some time. We live in New Jersey and have traveled to Acadia National Park, Lake Tahoe, Lake George, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

“My favorite trip so far was biking 42 miles round trip to a local state park. Halfway through we stopped at Sandy Hook to let him run on the beach! JD loves running so we switch it up with mountain biking at times. The pure joy he has whenever we go is incredible!

As you can see in the video, we added some lights to the bottom so we are seen when riding at night. We tend to camp so riding about the campground with it at night brings a lot of people joy and happiness. Thank you Burley for making a fantastic cart especially for our pups!”


Ottom the Heeler

There are tons of interesting trails and parks in the City of Toronto, but they are often a car ride away, even though the distance would’ve only been a short bike ride. After some research, we kicked off spring by getting the Burley Tail Wagon for Ottom, our two year old Australian Cattle Dog rescue.

Ottom is a bit nervous, but is a good sport and will try most things. She has taken to her Tail Wagon like a fish! We’ve been taking incremental steps to get her used to riding in it, starting with one lap around the block, then increasing it by a lap each week.”

“Recently, we were able to take her out on the open road. The City of Toronto has a program called #ActiveTO to encourage cycling while maintaining social distance. On select weekends, major roads are closed and lots of people turn out to ride their bikes.

We take advantage of those weekends to practice riding safely with Ottom and her Tail Wagon on the open road. On our latest ride a couple weeks ago, Ottom rode with us for 8 kilometers! Eventually, we hope to be able to bring her along on cycling trips throughout southern Ontario.”



I adopted Pip when she was nearly ten and she’s 13.5 now. She’s still got a few mountains in her, but also loves her naps. I love cycling so last year I got a Tail Wagon to bring her along. We live in hilly Wales so she’s very good training! I love that she gets to go and see new places without me driving.

The wagon is her favourite place in the house, it’s her bed in our office so she spends a lot of time in there! At the moment we use it to bring her along on rides, or ride out to a walk a bit further afield without getting in the car.”

“In the future, if there is a point where she can’t walk for long, I’m planning to ride out 20 minutes in a direction each day so she can have a variety of walks. That way, she’ll have her walk, a bit of mental stimulation on the ride, and I’ll get my exercise too!

Having the trailer helped me fall back in love with cycling. I’d been off the bike for a while and felt the pressure of not being as fit/fast as I used to be, but when I’m towing Pip, who cares?! It’s not about going fast, I’m out there with my girl and I LOVE hearing people’s reactions when they spot her in there.”


Toby the Tiny Frenchie

Toby’s Burley Tail Wagon started off as a way to take Toby with us on bike rides. But since we brought the Tail Wagon home, it has evolved into much more than a bike trailer.

Right away Toby loved riding in his trailer so much, that we started looking into all the neat accessories Burley offers. The Two-Wheel Stroller attachment has been an absolute necessity. Toby hops right in his trailer and away we go (by bike, on foot, and even in snow).

“Toby’s Tail Wagon has been all over… it is quite the adventure rig. Toby has cheered on his Grandpaw and Uncle at the Madison Ironman and has spectated many American Birkebeiner ski races from the comfort of his Tail Wagon.

Toby and his Tail Wagon have traveled all over the Midwest, Colorado, and as far as New Hampshire. Last year the Tail Wagon adventures even took Toby to Niagara Falls. We’ve started adding patches to Toby’s trailer to commemorate all of his best adventures!”

“Toby is quite the celebrity when he’s rollin’ around in his Tail Wagon. Heads constantly turn when he rolls past. He loves to go out and about. Unfortunately, bulldog bodies are not built for extra long walks, hikes, or bike rides. But with the Tail Wagon, Toby can take breaks when needed.

Toby loves his Tail Wagon so much, every time we go in the garage he “paws” his trailer, jumps in and gives us the “let’s go” look. Because of his trailer, Toby has been able to do many exciting things with us! We love our Burley Tail Wagon!”


Lachy the Puggle