Trailercycle Test Rides with Charlotte’s Tandems

trailercyle test ride, Trailercycle Test Rides with Charlotte’s Tandems

Last year, we partnered with Charlotte’s Tandems US by providing two new trailercyles for their rental program. Charlotte’s Tandems is a nonprofit that loans tandem bikes and trailercycles to people with developmental delays, free of charge. This allows them to experience the joy and accomplishment of cycling while testing biking solutions prior to purchase.

Charlotte’s Tandems has three Burley Piccolos that they loan to families in Virginia, Maryland, and Georgia. Two are the new models Burley sent in 2021 and one is a model from 1998 that’s still going strong! They selected Burley trailercycles specifically for their superior design. The patented hitch system provides greater stability than other tagalong bike attachments to better support Charlotte’s Tandems US riders, especially those who have challenges balancing.

In Chesapeake, VA, Joan and her daughter Elizabeth use a Piccolo to ride together when weather allows. Joan is a medically retired Navy veteran. Three-and-a-half-year-old Elizabeth likes to pedal hard to see how far she can push the towing bike.

Joan is also the Charlotte’s Tandems US helper in Tidewater, VA, storing and maintaining the bikes for loan in her area. Joan purchased her own Moose Rack so she can easily demonstrate the Piccolo before fitting it to a borrower’s bike. Now expecting her second child, Joan also volunteers collecting toys and supplies for other mothers. This helps young Elizabeth understands that the just like some of the toys at her house, the Piccolo sometimes goes to other children when they need it.

The most recent borrowers from Charlotte’s Tandems are Rowan and his mother Jessica. Rowan has learning differences and has had difficulty learning to ride a bike. They tried training wheels and balance bikes to no avail. After the first ride on a Burley Piccolo, Jessica reported “He is already starting to improve. We are very grateful.”

For children with developmental delays, a trailercycle bike attachment can be a great way for them to experience the joy and freedom of riding a bike, while safely attached to an adult’s bicycle. Trailercycles allow young riders to pedal along with their parent, then rest when they get tired. Learn more about Burley’s Kazoo and Piccolo trailercycles by checking out the Product Feature video.