2021 Challenge: Autumn Update

man and woman standing in front of historic church with bikes and flatbed cargo bike trailer

Written By: Dirk de Marelle and Linda Devisch, dilistuff.com

This is Part Two in a series by Dirk and Linda on their journey to bike more and drive less.
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We’re now running towards the end of our 2021 Challenge, still two months to go and we’re pretty happy about the results so far. It’s certainly something which is here to stay. We’ve managed to drastically cut down on driving our car with the goal to restrict the use of it to the longer distances, the heavy load or exceptionally bad weather. Looking at the last couple of months, the average car usage is limited to four trips per month, and that is mainly when trips exceed 100 km (60 miles) or we have a passenger to take. Dirk’s mother is 92 and taking her out to a restaurant on a bicycle is not an option.

man with flatbed bike trailer with pizza boxes
flatbed bike trailer with branches loaded in it, man pruning bushes in background

Our next step is to start looking for a van which we will convert to a campervan. The Burley Flatbed has become the standard for our trips to the containerpark and the bulky shopping, Bulky shopping is simply everything what does not fit in our standard bike panniers, like going to the pizzeria for seven pizzas when you have unannounced visitors.

man biking down cobblestone street with flatbed trailer

With the Corona pandemic still affecting all of us, we were more confined to short distance travel and we started using our e-bikes for some short nearby city trips. With the Flatbed, Linda can even take her all-time favourite suitcase instead of having to stuff everything in a few panniers. What a luxury!

flatbed bike trailer with suitcase strapped to it
man and woman sitting on wodden boardwalk in marshy field with bikes in background

For our annual big cycle trip, we did what we’d originally planned for 2020 when borders of most countries closed due to Corona. As the pandemic situation in Europe was still changing in different countries on a daily basis, we opted for driving to Denmark, passing two other countries with differing Corona regulations. We parked our car an hour from the border and had a great three week cycling and camping trip along the coasts.

You can follow us with our challenge via our website dilistuff.com

man with bike and flatbed bike trailer in front of historic church
man and woman sitting near tent

Linda Devisch & Dirk De Marelle

Linda & Dirk started holidaying by bicycle about 15 years ago. They love the moderate adventure; they do not mind some effort but also like some luxury from time to time. Linda likes photography, cycling, knitting and healthy food. Dirk likes music, cycling and has no other option but to eat healthy food. They do not really plan their trips in detail, they know what direction they want to go, and the rest comes by itself.

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