Finding the right hitching solution doesn’t need to be complicated. Use this simple two-step guide to determine what axle or adapter your bike will need to attach your new Coho XC cargo trailer.

Step 1. Identify Your Axle Type

Quick Release Axle

The most common type of axle. The quick release axle has a lever that clamps the axle in place with an acorn nut on the opposite end.

Coho XC Axle Guide, Axle Guide

Bolt-on Axle

The bolt-on axle has a hex nut on both sides. It is common on fixed gear and single speed bicycles, as well as internally geared hubs.

Coho XC Axle Guide, Axle Guide

Thru Axle

Thru axles are thick and hollow. They are common on newer bicycles with disc brakes, especially mountain bikes.

Coho XC Axle Guide, Axle Guide

Step 2. Purchase Appropriate Adapter

If You Have:

A Quick Release Axle

These Coho 5mm Skewers replace the existing QR skewer on your bike to make it compatible with the Coho XC cargo trailer. They are required to be able use the Coho XC on bikes with QR skewers. Multiple skewer lengths are available.

Then You Need:

The Coho 5mm Skewer

Coho XC Axle Guide, Axle Guide

A Bolt-On Axle

The Burley Nutted Axle Adapter includes a set of threaded adapters that replace the nuts on your current nutted axle, allowing you to connect the Coho XC cargo trailer to your bike. This adapter is required to use the Coho XC on bikes with nutted axles. Multiple thread pitches available.

Nutted Axle Adapter

Coho XC Axle Guide, Axle Guide

A Thru Axle

These Thru Axles allow bikes with 12mm rear thru axles to connect to the Coho XC. Multiple thread pitches and lengths are available. A Coho 12mm Thru Axle is required for any bike with a 12mm rear thru axle to use the Coho XC. Use the Coho Thru Axle Fit Guide below to determine the correct axle for your bike.

Coho Thru Axle Fit Guide

Coho 12mm Thru Axle

Ballz Axle