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Hitch Guide

steel hitch

Steel Hitch

SKU #960116

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  • Generally stays attached to bike
  • Works with disc brakes and full suspension
  • Does not fit breezer style dropouts (Required Adapter. See Below)
  • Mono-stays require a longer safety strap which can be purchased separately
  • Fits QR axles and solid axles up to 12mm
  • Does not include Flex Connector

Hitch Guide Video

Installation Video

If you are upgrading from a Classic Hitch to a Steel Hitch, you will also need to purchase a Flex Connector: Part #950038 (square tow bar) or Part # 950037 (round tow bar)

Flex Connector Guide Video

Classic Hitch

SKU #960001

Purchase Classic Hitch

Burley’s Patented pivoting hitch designed for easy attachment to most traditional bikes.

  • Comes with safety strap
  • Stays attached to the trailers tow bar and switches easily between traditional bike frames
  • Works with bicycles with Breezer style drop outs. Does not fit most bikes with disc brakes or rear suspension
  • Does not fit mono stay bicycles

Hitch Guide Video

Installation Video

Does not include Flex Connector. SeeĀ Part #950038 (square tow bar) or Part # 950037 (round tow bar)

Hitch Adapter

Purchase Alt Adapter

This adapter spaces out the Steel Hitch allowing bike frames with tight rear dropouts to have hitch clearance. The adapter you need will vary based on the diameter and thread of your rear skewer. Go to the Hitch Adapter page to find the adapter that is right for you.


Hitch Adapter

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