The Burley Minnow is the entry-level single child bike trailer. All the quality and safety of a Burley bike trailer at an affordable price. Bike only.


Our iconic bike trailer designed to enable family adventures without sacrificing safety or durability. Bike only.


The hardworking Honey Bee bike trailer for kids is the perfect balance of value and versatility, without compromising on safety.


This versatile kids bike trailer and double stroller with suspension opens the door to adventure.

$699.99 Available at a future date.

Available for Backorder Ships Mid-OctoberThis trusted kid bike trailer and stroller provides comfort and versatility for endless adventures.


This luxurious kids bike trailer and double stroller is equipped with suspension, reclining seat and a premium interior.

Out of stock

Out of StockThis heavy-duty kids bike trailer and double stroller is built with a rugged base, independently reclining seats, and premium interior.

Out of stock

Out of StockThis kids bike trailer and double stroller is the perfect balance between value and versatility.


Out of StockThis trusted kids bike trailer and double stroller provides seat recline and versatility to enable endless adventures.


Out of stock

Don’t let your adventures be limited to the pavement. The 16+ Wheel Kit improves handling over snow, sand and gravel.


The Trailer Storage Bag is how we store our equipment with peace of mind.


The One-Wheel Stroller Kit allows you to lock up your bike and stroll away.


The Bunting Bag keeps your little one warm so your routine doesn’t change when the weather does.


A spare hitch. Install on each of your bicycles for quick transitions.


Soft and Snuggly. The Baby Snuggler™ keeps your littlest traveler secure when jogging or strolling.

Out of stock

Trailer Storage Cover


Take your Burley all over town with the 2-Wheel Stroller Kit.


The perfect way to expand the capabilities of your Burley! Easily convert it to a jogger with this fixed front wheel conversion kit. For compatibility, please view the tab below.


Have fun, rinse, and repeat! The Burley Floor Mat catches all the dirt, sand, snacks, and mud for easy clean-up.


We take safety just as seriously as outdoor fun. We’ve been creating quality, durable products for more than 40 years and stand by our products. Our child bike trailers go through intensive testing, exceeding both ASTM and EN trailer and stroller standards. With your precious cargo top of mind, we’re here to enable adventure and safely keep you rolling.


Helping you explore wherever you want to go, we’ve designed an array of conversion kits and accessories to make adventure possible. Whether you’re looking to get after an afternoon bike ride, a stroll through the park, or a ski in fresh snow, we’ve built out ultimate versatility and functionality in our trailers to help provide extra comfort for your child and endless outdoor adventures for your family.


We believe in Enabling Adventure. That’s why we put our heart and soul into everything we build, working hard to bring you a robust line of trailers to match your active lifestyle. Thoughtful compatibility and accessories ensure you endless terrain options, while intentional design provides your child ultimate comfort. Embrace your wanderlust.


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