Dash® FM (Frame Mount)


For the family on the go, quickly snap this rear frame mounted child bike seat into place and get on your way! Lightweight and easy to use, turn virtually any bike into a fun, family-hauler. Available in two great fitment options: Standard Rails and Extended Rails.


Choosing the right Model

Standard vs Extended Rails

The Dash FM and Dash FM Extended Rails are great options for biking with your family. The difference between these two models can be seen in the construction of the Mounting Rails that attach the seat to the Frame Mounting Block. The Dash FM Extended Rails includes elongated Mounting Rails which provide added clearance between the seat and bike frame. If your bike has a smaller frame or larger tires, this may be a good option for you.

To determine which Dash FM model is the best fit for your bike, check out the compatibility video below.

Compatibility & Installation

Featured Accessories


A spare mounting block for the Dash FM and Dash X FM. Install on each of your bicycles for quick transitions.


Easy to install and durable enough for year-round use, the Standard Rails connect your Dash® FM child bike seat to many standard bike frames so you and your little one can explore your world by bike.


More versatility for your family bike rides. The Extended Rails offer increased compatibility with more types of bikes, making it easier to transition your Dash FM child bike seat from bike to bike

Dash FM Features

Dash FM with feature callouts

Connecting to a Bike

Dash FM on Bike
boy climbing into bike seat

Child Bike Seat Comparison

dash child bike seat comparison chart

Alternative Models


Quick and easy to attach, this rear rack mounted child bike seat is lightweight, offers premium comfort for your child, and conveniently adapts to most existing rack setups.


Enjoy ultimate comfort for your child in this easy to attach reclining rear frame mounted child bike seat, offering 20 degrees of adjustability.


Our iconic bike only trailer is designed to enable family adventures without sacrificing safety or durability. Also available in a single seat model.


The hardworking Honey Bee kids bike trailer and double stroller is the perfect balance of value and versatility, without compromising on safety.