Built specifically for touring, the Nomad bike cargo trailer features an efficient, lightweight design, huge cargo capacity and durable weatherproof cover.

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Don’t let your adventures be limited to the pavement. The 16+ Wheel Kit improves handling over snow, sand and gravel.


The Nomad Cargo Rack makes carrying bulkier items with your Nomad easier than ever before. Easy to install, and adding more space to haul everything you need on your long journeys, the Cargo Rack is a must have for any Nomad owner. Nomad Cargo Rack for 2004-Present Nomad.


A spare hitch. Install on each of your bicycles for quick transitions.

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$199.99 Available at a future date.

Out of Stock - Available Mid-April Perfect for cross country skiing or snow shoeing, the Ski Kit attaches to the wheel axle with a push button system.

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Out of Stock This adjustable waistband and tow bar kit makes it easy to walk or hike with your Burley.