PeopleForBikes Travoy®


Limited Edition Travoy cargo trailer in collaboration with PeopleForBikes. For every unit sold, Burley will donate $30 to the PeopleForBikes Community Grant Program.

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Getting people outside and on bikes safely

Man riding bike with blue travoy cargotrailer attached. Glass building in background

Burley + PeopleForBikes

Burley and PeopleForBikes are working together with the aim to get more people out riding and commuting safely. To further this cause, we've collaborated to bring you a limited edition PeopleForBikes Travoy.

Burley will donate $30 to the PeopleForBikes Community Grant Program for every PeopleForBikes Travoy sold.

The PeopleForBikes Community Grant Program provides funding for important projects that build momentum for bicycling in communities across the United States. These projects include bike paths and rail trails, as well as mountain bike trails, bike parks, BMX facilities, and large-scale bicycle advocacy initiatives.

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Folding Sequence

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About PeopleForBikes

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Launched in 1999 as Bikes Belong, PeopleForBikes includes both an industry coalition of bicycling suppliers and retailers, as well as a charitable foundation. Their foundation is where they house their major programs and engage individual members, affiliate organizations, and corporate sponsors.

Over the years, they have spent more than $30 million to make bicycling better. They’ve invested $2.1 million in community bicycling projects and leveraged more than $654 million in federal, state, and private funding. They have contributed millions to national groups and programs like the Safe Routes to School National Partnership, the League of American Bicyclists and the International Mountain Bicycling Association, ensuring safer places to ride for both children and adults.

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An everyday messenger style bag with modern features that keeps necessities well-organized and within reach.


A convertible backpack ready to transport gear as a personal carry item or as a bike cargo bag with ease and organization.


A smaller bag for transitioning from a shopping to a cycling experience.


A large bag for transitioning from a shopping to a cycling experience.


Rain resistant cover for the Travoy pulls over and around your cargo, securing on the trailer frame.


Burley’s Quick Hitch allows for tool free installation to connect the Travoy to the bicycle seat post. Attaches and detaches for easy transitions with bikeshares.