How can I help my pet adjust to our new Burley Tail Wagon?

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As with any change to a pet’s habits, give your pet a little time to adjust to the Tail Wagon. Some cats and dogs will be unsure of the trailer at first, but virtually all pets will get comfortable eventually and regard trips in the Tail Wagon as a treat.

  • Try leaving the pet trailer open and available to your pet with some treats inside the trailer. Let your pet explore the pet trailer and get to the treats inside. Be sure to use the brake that comes with the Tail Wagon so the trailer doesn’t move while your pet explores it. Many pets will begin to treat the stationary trailer like a bed or perch.
  • Before going out of doors, try wheeling your pet to an open door or window. Let your pet associate the trailer with the great outdoors, but allow him or her to get acclimated from the safety of indoors first.
  • Reward your pet with a treat the first couple of times you use the pet trailer.
  • Plan a few quiet trips first. Pet trailers are great for taking pets to crowded or hectic environments, but plan your first couple of trips to nearby destinations that are quieter and during times that are less busy. Let your pet get used to the new trailer experience without too much hustle and bustle.
  • Place a favorite blanket inside a stationary pet trailer. A familiar blanket will provide a sense of safety and will allow your pet to hide when he or she wants some privacy.
  • Once accustomed to the pet trailer, only put your pet in the trailer when headed outside. Your pet should associate the pet trailer with the enjoyment of being out of doors rather than with being confined indoors.
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