Which size Hitch Adapter do I want for my Bike?

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If your bike has a special dropout style, not long enough QR skewer, or uses a Thru Axle, you may need an adapter for use with the Steel Hitch. For standard QR axles, the Quick Release Skewer size of Hitch Alt Adapter is needed (part 960040).

For nutted axles (or “solid axles”) the size of your Alt Adapter will depend on the diameter and threading of your rear axle. Check out the Hitch Adapter page to view a chart of compatible bikes, or consult with your local bike shop to find out which adapter will fit your rear axle.

Bikes with thru axles will need a replacement thru axle that has a modified head with additional threading that sticks out for the Steel Hitch to be mounted on. Thru axles have specific measurements that include the diameter, wheel hub width, and thread pitch since they thread directly into the bike frame. The measurements in the Burley names of the thru axles (12 x 1.0, 142-148mm) refer to the diameter x thread pitch, and hub size. The “actual length,” which is sometimes used in the naming by manufacturers, is also important to confirm since this can vary between bike models with the same wheel hub size. To be sure of the sizing, please use our printed Thru Axle Fit Guide. Burley offers a selection of common size thru axles for use with our steel trailer hitch. If your axle does not fit within the sizes that we offer, we recommend checking out the Robert Axle Project, as they have a few more size offerings than we have.


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